Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Insurance

about Auto Insurance

COVERAGE Questions

What kind do I need?

Very safe, defensive drivers rarely need more than no-fault or the state minimum of insurance. Basically, if you take all the precautions on the road, you only need to make sure you are covered when someone else causes an accident.

If you want to be really safe, get as much coverage as you can afford. After all, even the best drivers are human and make mistakes. What if you have to sneeze?

How much do I need?

Base your coverage amount on your assets.

If you own a home, have kids, and some cash in the bank, try to get something like $50,000-$100,000 of coverage since you could wind up losing everything to debt or a suit if you cause a collision.

Don’t have many assets? $25,000 should cover you.

POLICY Questions

Does my policy cover me when I drive another vehicle?

Typically, your policy will not cover you when you are driving someone else’s vehicle. The policy for that vehicle would cover you.

If someone else drives my vehicle, are they covered?

Since your policy is really for the vehicle, anyone driving the vehicle should be covered. With some policies, however, the insurer might require written permission.

What kind of policy length should I get?

If you don’t think that you’re going to be a bigger or smaller risk in the near future, try to get a long policy. This way, you’ll get the best price.

If you are planning to pay off some debt or someone else that will make your risk factor go down, sign a short policy. That way, you can save money on a new policy in the near future.

about Auto Insurance

QUOTE Questions

What information do I need to get a auto insurance quote?

Basic information that you should know off the top of your head: address, contract information, email, etc.; incidents in your driving or legal history; background information, like income and education; annual milage; and VIN number, make, model, milage, and annual milage for the vehicle you are insuring.

Are these online auto insurance quotes really accurate?

Instant and free online auto insurance quotes are estimates; very very good estimates, but estimates none-the-less, so you will see some prices that vary a bit from the quote. Still, these quotes are excellent for providing a guideline about price differences between auto insurance providers.

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