Defensive Driving Slashes Auto Insurance Premiums

About Defensive Driving

About Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses teach motorists principles and techniques that will make them safer and better drivers. It includes training to recognize dangerous situations and drills so that you know instinctively how to handle potentially catastrophic scenarios.

The classes don’t take too long—you can complete one in less than a week doing a couple hours a day. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate that represents a pretty big payoff.

Erasing Points

In some places, you have the option of taking a defensive driving course, rather than getting points on your record for minor traffic violations. This in and of itself will save you a ton of money on auto insurance quote.

Some places even let you do this multiple times!

Ask the police or traffic court if this is an option for you. Usually, you have to do it right after you get the violation, not later. But there are some cases in which people have removed old violations by taking a defensive driving course.

Big Discounts
It varies insurance provider to insurance provider, but most auto insurance companies offer a generous discount for people with defensive driving certificates. If you want a specific number, call your auto insurance provider and ask an agent.

You might even want to consider asking about this discount before you sign any auto insurance agreement next time you are looking.

If you can invest the time, it makes complete financial sense given that the defensive driving discount saves you a lot more than the class costs.

Online Defensive Driving Courses

Yup, you can take a defensive driving course at your own pace, on your own schedule, from your own home, right over the internet.

There are many benefits that come with taking a defensive driving course online:

About Defensive Driving

• Cheaper
• More convenient
• Don’t have to drive!

There are also some downsides:

• Limited by your internet connection. Long loading times mean it could take longer.
• You can’t ask questions and get answers.
• People don’t learn as well from the internet as they do in person.
Where to Find a Course

Your state department of motor vehicles or the police have to approve of the course. If the school is not accredited by the state, your defensive driving certificate will not be recognized. If you are going to go the online route, make sure that the site is recognized by your state.

Community colleges are a great place to find defensive driving classes.


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